Wedding Guide

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Our world as we know it has changed dramatically. We are smack bang in the middle of a seismic shift: the ‘normal’ you’ve become used to is no longer. The ‘normal’ we are used to in our industry is no longer. Planning a wedding in the best of times can be a bit daunting, but don’t worry we are here to help guide you through these times. We are here to help!

Over the coming months we will be releasing a weekly guide from hand picked wedding suppliers on information and insights into their industry. How Covid-19, bushfires, and the weather has impacted our industries, we are on the front line dealing with our suppliers directly to keep you up to date with price increases, product availability and more so you don’t need to worry. We have your back!

Where to Start

Most of us don’t have much experience with planning a wedding.  Usually we start with a vision of our dream wedding then the next step is trying to decide on a budget. While it’s a little easier deciding on how much we are prepared to spend in total, the big question is how much does each item cost and how to make everything fit into your budget.

Many people will look to bridal magazines and websites for some ideas about what things should cost and find examples that provide suggested guidelines, sometimes breaking each item down into percentages of the total budget.  While this can be helpful it can also be confusing and misleading as the variance in price of each item can be huge depending on other factors such as logistics, travel, labour, time, quality and size. These percentages also don’t take into consideration what you as a couple may place more value into for your special day.

You may be car people and the car is the main item. You may be cake people and the cake has to be the centerpiece. The vibe and feel on the day created by your celebrant and your band having everyone up on the dance floor long into the night. The ambience of the space, having stunning décor, stationary and florals may be what you most want, which mean your budget in these areas will be higher than any percentage suggested in a magazine, venue or website.

Here in this PDF we are have collected guidelines direct from the suppliers, to give you a true view into our world and the costs involved for making your dream day come true.